How to Clean Kid Stains

Kids are always messy because they love to experiment with things. Indoor and outdoor adventures make them active, and dirty. As moms or dads, we let them do it because it’s where they learn. Cleaning the house or their clothes because of their stains will be your trouble, but there are actually ways of cleaning kid’s stains that you can do easily. If the stains are too much to handle, you can call Santa Fe house clean service. If the stains can be easily handled, just follow the steps below. Washing it not enjoyable but we hope you will learn a lot from this article.  

Kid Stains 


When your kid plays a lot in the park, there’s possibility that he’ll bring home grass stains with him. You can fight this by rubbing a stain-fighting detergent or treating the spots with a prewash stain remover. Leave it for 5 minutes then launder in hottest water. If the care tag permits bleach, you can use it too.  


Kids love anything chocolate; candy, ice cream, cake or anything. If the clothes are stained with chocolate, rub a prewash stain remover or detergent before you launder. If the stain is stubborn, use the bleach.  


If you love preparing juice for your kids during breakfast or lunch, you can remove the stains by flushing the spots with cool water. Combine ½ teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Soak for 25 minutes. Wash it as usual.  


Art projects are always messy. Kids love any arts activities so you should prepare yourself. Before you wash the clothes, lift the marks. If the crayon is soft, freeze it and scrape it. You can also place the stain between two paper towels then press with warm iron. Repeat as necessary and use new paper towels. After that, treat with a stain remover then wash.  


Glue is another irritating stain to get attached on your son’s clothing. The glue will be cleaned with your usual detergent and a stain remover. If the glue is a heavy-duty adhesive, a nail polish remover can help. However, try with some spots at first because your fabric might melt.  


Kids love muds! We all did once. Kids love to play in to the lure of the muddy puddle. When your kid went home and the mud is still fresh, rub it away before it pushes deeper into the fabric. Wait until it dries, scrape whatever you can, apply stain remover and then wash.  


Well, who doesn’t love to use ketchup? Kids like to put it in everything and as a mom you know that it will get everywhere. First, rinse it with cool water. Next, sponge with some white vinegar. Before you wash it, apply a stain remover to remove any excess.  


When the kid’s clothes have mustard in it, dampen the stain. Rub in liquid detergent. Leave for 5 minutes. The stain might still be visible so soak the clothes in detergent and hot water for a least an hour. Wash with enzyme detergent.  

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Brilliant Tips to Select the Right Carpet

Carpets are a great additional furnishing to our homes. They provide that extra comfort that we love, which we will associate to the comforts of our own home. Carpets also have an additional function of adding cushion to our floors, to protect our little children from accidentally harming themselves. 

Our problem is, especially if you are a first-time buyer, is that we can’t decide from the many options of carpets because we do not know what characteristics to look for in a good carpet. To help you, I will share a list of tips that you can use to find the right carpet for your home.  


  1. Inspect the Padding

Most people only look at the surface, or the face of the carpet. A brilliant tip for you is to look underneath and check the quality of the padding. Just like your home, it would be strong and last long if the foundations are strong, in carpets, the padding must be firm for the carpet to last. Carpets rely its strength on the padding, and it will quickly wear out if the padding has bad quality. Durable padding prevents the fibers from coming off and backing.  

Padding also adds extra cushion to the carpet, and it adds insulation, and it reduces the noise of footsteps. Good paddings are usually made of materials like foam and rubber. Specifically, ask the seller about the padding; areas of your home that receives high foot traffic requires thicker padding. 

  1. Consider your Budget

Even with the benefits of an excellent carpet provides, you should not splurge your money into it; except, perhaps, if you have too many. The trick here is to buy the best carpet available in the price range that you can afford; as for the price range, determine the minimum and the maximum price you are willing to pay. 

Another trick to salvage your budget in buying carpet is by selecting different carpets for each room and area of your house. You can invest heavily on high-quality carpets, the ones that provide the best comfort and also have qualities like stain resistant in areas like your living room and master bedroom. Then you can compensate your budget by buying lower quality carpets in seldom used rooms like your guest rooms. 

  1. Consider the Maintenance Needed

Having carpets in our home means you have to constantly maintain its good condition. Maintenance is a primary concern because carpets need it, and no matter how good you are in selecting a good carpet, if you can’t maintain it, then it is as good as a bad one.  

If you have a job, several kids and additional pets, then it may be wise to you to shun carpets that have a high comfort attribute but doesn’t have a stain-resistant quality. Always ask the seller about this concern because your carpet will last for as long as you maintain it. If you always don’t have the time on cleaning and maintaining your carpet, you can always ask for help from the professionals like Appleton Carpet Cleaner. 

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Social Media: One Of The Most Effective Marketing Strategies

Almost everyone around the world has a Facebook or Instagram account, and right now these social media platforms are now one of the most versatile applications we have today. Initially, social media was invented to help people keep in touch and updates with their lives, now it is so much more than that, we can play a wide variety of games, watch shows and movies, and it also has become the main source of income for many people. This is also has been a great aid in businesses, as it the perfect place to market your business for many people to take notice of it, and hopefully gain more sales.  

 Marketing Strategies

One of the great ways of marketing with social media is that it is fun, easy, and sociable. A lot of partnerships are made regarding marketing, when there is a new brand up, one good way to get your name out there is to ride the wave of other brands that have a strong following. A lot of X-deals are generated from these partnerships, and these are deals that do not require cash, rather they exchange services or goods instead to save up financially.  

It is a fun way to market your brand through social media because you can create interactive ads so you can entice more people to get to know your brand a lot better. The advertisements that you see on Facebook are getting smarter; there are videos now that you can dictate the next outcome by clicking on options that pop-up during the video. This creates a lasting impression with the users, and the next time they see your brand, there will be a better chance of purchasing your products.  

Social media is something that is user-friendly when you great content ready for sharing; you can post it right away for people to see. The good thing about these platforms is that they acknowledge these businesses and they do what they can to help them grow. One support act that helps spread the posts of business owners is having the option of having paid advertisements, this doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it will give you a lot of viewers in return. That is why a lot of the ads you see on the side of your screen, and before you watch YouTube videos are always present, because those companies paid for their advertisements to be seen by everyone.  

When you are marketing on social media, you get to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. It will be inevitable to see posts of your competitors on Facebook or Instagram, and it will be up to your marketing team like someone from Local Times OKC, to create content that can give you more views than the other brands. This is a numbers game when you do marketing with social media, so it will be best to form a team that is highly creative and isn’t afraid to be aggressive at the same time.

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